A Bit in English

The “Næssund” is one of the oldest route going wooden ferries in Denmark. Built in 1964 in a local ship yard it startet it’s existence as “Legind Bjerge”, one of two ferries on the Sallingsund crossing.

When the Sallingsund bridge was opened in 1978 the ferries was taken out of use and in 1980 “Legind Bjerge” was transferred to the Næssund crossing, and the name was changed.

On weekdays “Næssund” sails every 20 minutes between 6.30 am and 6.10pm from Mors, and 5 minutes later from Thy. Weekends and bank holidays between 9.30 and 6.10pm and 5 minutes later from Thy.

The crossing takes about 5 minutes and is an excellent way to break up a journey. The ferry deck is closed of with approximately  3.5 foot sides so it is safe to let the children out to release a bit of the energy they built up during a car journey.

The old B&W Alpha engine sounds just like a ferry engine is supposed to sound and the idyllic scenery at Næssund is the perfect backdrop for a small journey not only across the fjord, but also a bit back in time.

The ferry accommodates 12 cars / 99 passengers, and if there isn’t room for all cars it will cross again at once to pick up the rest.

The prices are as follows:


Prices per single trip * = Incl. driver 
People from 12 years of age
Under 12 years free
DDK 10.00
Bike or moped DKK 20.00
Motorbike DKK 45.00
Car* under 2500 kg.
incl. all passengers
DKK 60.00
Car* under 2500 kg.
incl. all passengers – Return ticket
DKK 100.00
DKK 100.00
Van 2500-3500 kg DKK 85.00
Van/lorry 3500-5000 kg DKK 115.00
HGV over 5000 kg. max 9 m DKK 150.00
HGV over 5000 kg. 9-14 m DKK 180.00
HGV over 5000 kg. Over 14 m DKK 200.00
Minibus 1500-3500 kg DKK 120.00
Large coach 12 meters DKK 250.00
Trailer tent/boogie trailer incl. car DKK 75.00
Caravan/Horse trailer incl. car DKK 110.00


Discount card – value DKK 1,000.00 DKK 500.00
(50% discount)